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 nj, articles,  publish articles, articles on, articles about,  real estate articles, articles, documents, experts, advice, information

Garden State Apartments takes pride in providing you with the most accurate and up-to-date information for all your apartment needs. Here we have a list of articles written by experts in real estate and business to help you learn more about the apartment renting world and build on your knowledge tool belt.

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nj, articles,  publish articles, articles on, articles about,  real estate articles, articles, documents, experts, advice, information

nj, articles,  publish articles, articles on, articles about,  real estate articles, articles, documents, experts, advice, information

Index of Articles: AccountingFinanceInsuranceInvestingLegalManagementMarketingTax / 1031Recommended Reads


Cost Segregation - Impacts on your Bottom Line
Written by Sunny Kancherla of
Cost segregation is becoming a hot topic for residential real estate owners, but the question remains: is it worth it?

Choosing an Accountant
Written by Jeanne Gray of
For a small or start up business, choosing the right accountant to assist with business matters as opposed to personal tax returns presents new areas to explore and be addressed.

Apartment Owners Cannot Afford to Ignore Depreciation for their 2006 Taxes
Written by Jerry Kootman, CPA of Cost Recovery Solutions, LLC
It is not too late to generate tax savings for 2006. Cost segregation studies can be performed for the 2006 tax return.

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Control Rising Rates
Written by Marc C. Demetriou, CLU, ChFC of Residential Home Funding Corp.
Many borrowers with adjustable-rate loans are finding their payments rising now. As a result, owners are discovering fixed-rate mortgages are an attractive alternative.

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Mortgage Value Vs. Insurance Replacement Cost
Written by Ronald Diskin of RDA
Most building owners assume the amount of building coverage will be equal to the amount they paid for their property. This is incorrect in some cases.
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Common Pitfalls of Having a Business Partner
Written by Jeanne Gray of
Here are common pitfalls of having a business partner followed by three important areas that should be addressed in advance through the partnership agreement or the shareholder agreement which may lessen the potential for dispute as situations arise.

The Real Opportunities Behind Self-Directed IRAs: Dream Homes, Businesses and Roth IRA Tax Breaks
Written by Jaime J. Raskulinecz of Entrust Northeast, LLC
When longtime avid real estate investor Jaime Raskulinecz couldn’t find anyone to help her tap retirement assets to continue her lifelong passion of buying rental properties, she realized she had found a business opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

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Pet Security Deposits are Not Allowed
Written by Bruce E. Gudin
Pet security deposits are not allowed if the deposit will exceed the maximum of 1 1/2 times the rent. In an unreported Appellate Division Decision from 2001 the Court said that a pet security deposit must be included in the calculation of the total security deposit received for a residential dwelling unit in light of the New Jersey Security Deposit Act, NJSA 46:8-21.2.

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!
Written by Bruce E. Gudin
New Jersey property owners must now arm themselves with knowledge of a situation that is becoming a growing concern to everyone. Cimex lectularius, or bed bugs as they are commonly known, are becoming a problem within residences of all kinds, including multi-family housing, as the bug’s population has resurged in recent years.

The NJ Landlord Registration Act
Written by Bruce E. Gudin
By law, every landlord of a dwelling, except owner-occupied premises with not more than two rental units, must file with the clerk of the municipality in which the residential property is situated, or with the Bureau of Housing Inspection in the Department of Community Affairs, a certificate of registration. N.J.S.A. 46:8-28.

Residential Apartment Security Deposit Law Update
Written by Bruce E. Gudin
This article will discuss New Jersey’s security deposit Law, (the Rent Security Deposit Act,) which specifies how landlords must collect, maintain, and return a security deposit.

Leasehold Survivors: Tenants’ for Life?
Written by Andrew B. Sobel
The issue presented by the appeal was whether a surviving family member of a deceased tenant, whose rental payments were subsidized under the federal Section 8 housing assistance program, is entitled to succeed to the decedent's tenancy rights.

10 Things to Know Before Going to Tenancy Court nj, articles,  publish articles, articles on, articles about,  real estate articles, articles, documents, experts, advice, information
Written by Bruce E. Gudin
A collection of important information that every landlord should know, especially before attending tenancy court.

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Improve Your Negotiating Skills: Know What Power Negotiators Know
Written by Bruce E. Gudin
We all negotiate every day. The way that we conduct ourselves in a real estate negotiation can dramatically affect the outcome.

The Benefits of Using a Property Manager
Written by GSA Staff
Once you have purchased your New Jersey rental property, the responsibility of running and maintaining the property can quickly become overwhelming. For many landlords, the logical solution is to hire a property management company to oversee their rental property.

Are Your Existing Windows Costing You Money?
Written by Heather Kamasa
By replacing your windows, you can update the look of your building; improve the amount of light and air flow; increase your building’s energy efficiency, and provide easier window operation, cleaning and maintenance.

Mold: What every Professional Real Estate Manager Needs to Know
Written by Lee Wasserman
This article covers several important benefits to hiring professional mold-remediation help.

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Online Marketing: Makes Dollars and Sense
Written by Sunny Kancherla of
If you have not added online advertising to your real estate marketing mix, its not too late. In fact, online marketing is becoming a cheaper, more efficient, and more powerful tool to help you accomplish your real estate objectives.

Real Ads 101- Write ads that rent your place faster
Written by Sunny Kancherla of
Looking for a way to rent your place faster? Don't spend more money, just write better. Writing an effective ad is more challenging than you might think. Find out how you can maximize your advertising dollars simply by putting a little more effort into your ads.

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The “1031 TIC” Solution
Written by Steven B. Shaiman, CPA of Calton & Associates
Don’t pay a dime of tax that you really don’t need to pay! Keep that money for you and your family, not the government!

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nj, articles,  publish articles, articles on, articles about,  real estate articles, articles, documents, experts, advice, information


Garden State Apartments do not endorse articles listed here, and neither will be held liable in any manner for any losses, damages or consumer dissatisfaction associated with their use. Due to limited space, this list represents just a few of the articles available to you.
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