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Renew Lease Forms, Rent Increase Forms

 NJ Lease Renewal & Rent Increase Forms

New Jersey Rental Forms

These 5 simple forms let NJ landlords effectively manage tenant turnover, minimize vacancy through advanced advertising, and increase profit with well positioned rent increases. Remember, every property is different and every lease/resident situation is different. Real estate laws and regulations are constantly changing. We strongly encourage you to modify this lease for your needs and work with an attorney to craft a lease that is unique to your property and your rules. Garden State Apartments does not take any responsibility for the use of this lease, and will not be held liable in any manner for any losses, damages, or consumer dissatisfaction associated with its use.

Tenant Lease Renewal Letter  -  This simple form is the gateway to minimize turnover and generate additional income.  It prepares landlords for an upcoming tenant turnover and positions the unit for a rent increase to tenants who intend to renew.

Letter to Tenants who Will be Staying / Rent Increase - Secure income for 12 months and minimize chance of last minute changes in intentions.  Remind residents they are valued, inform of rent increase, setup timelines for commitment, and remind tenants of deadlines. 

Letter to Tenants who are Unsure about Staying -  This friendly form prepares tenants for a rent increase, reminds residents they are valued, prepares tenants for burdens of moving, and begins rent increase negotiations if necessary.

Letter to Tenants who Plan on Moving -  This letter outlines the costs, burdens, & obligations they should consider before deciding to vacate the rental unit.  It prepares them that their unit will be shown as available and provides residents with a last chance to renew.

Letter to Tenants Before Moving Out This letter remind tenants of the obligations they have to bring the unit back to the condition in which it was received.  It outlines many of the details that will be considered when calculating the security deposit refund and mitigates the chances of disputes later.  Minimum costs for services provided may be included to set benchmarks and profit margins. 

Rental Requirements and Qualifications - This letter informs tenants of the rental requirements and qualifications necessary to live at your residence.

DISCLAIMER - As with any form, it is only to be used as a suggestion. The information you obtain on our web site is not to be construed as legal advice. We are not attorneys and are not qualified to render such advice, nor are we in the business of providing legal advice. While we believe the forms are reliable, before using any form, you should consult with qualified counsel to address your specific situation and needs.

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