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Targeted Business Advertising & Lead Generation Options Available

Can your business benefit from being seen here?  Without a doubt.  Whether your advertising objective is brand building, lead generation, or electronic commerce, provides a complete set of options, including geographic, market, or segment targeting, to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.  You can tailor a message and transmit it to a qualified prospective customer - landlords or property owners, big or small.  The NJ Apartment MLS offers many kinds of advertising, marketing, sponsorship opportunities, and creative ways for you to promote yourself and your company's products and services profitably. 

Get your business in front of the thousands of visitors and members of the Award-Winning NJ Apartment MLS for less than you are currently spending on other advertising mediums.  Local advertising allows you to reach consumers and professionals in New Jersey when they are actively looking for information about your products and services.  The NJ Apartment MLS gives your brand exposure to highly targeted customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Comprehensive advertising campaigns put you in front of your target market faster, easier, and more effectively so you can: 

  • Maintain and build your brand image online
  • Secure and improve your place in the NJ community
  • Stay one step ahead of your competition
  • Meet your new customers and keep them for life!
  • Get your business known within the real estate industry and become a trusted advisor

    The NJ Apartment MLS offers precise targeting based on selected content area and user type. Content targeting allows for the placement of advertisements next to relevant content to your desired target audience. allows you to specify ad placement using content categories that most interest readers.

    We provide the most accurate and up-to-date on-line content for local NJ landlords, property managers and other real estate professionals. We provide targeting by industry and topical  categories (example - articles related to your business). Our focus insures your prospects will return again and again and see your ad repeatedly.



    When you advertise with, you have the extra opportunity to promote your company by submitting one or more informational articles about your product, service or area of expertise. These may include how-to guides, check lists, or question and answer sheets. You can also choose to be one of our featured experts in our "Expert Articles" section. Your ad along side your article will highlight you and your business or industry. It is a new and powerful way for you to gain exposure, credibility, and more customers.


    Visitors and members come to to find quality information and resources on finding a home OR owning, managing, maintaining, improving, investing, and buying products and services for their rental properties. Typical listing visitors either own and manage or are a professional property managers of  single-family residences, small apartment buildings and very large sized (several hundred units) apartment communities. Many seeking additional exposure for their properties and new outlets to save time and money. Most users have the final purchasing authority for their properties and companies.  

    Traffic is driven to our site through direct referrals, community organizations, universities or by the easily remembered domain name of  “”
    Other traffic comes from very favorable placements by hundreds of other terms in the major search engines, e.g., Google, Yahoo, and MSN.  For instance, if someone types types general terms into a major search engine he is taken to immediately. Traffic also comes from the thousands of members who have already visited the site and completed surveys since 2006. has built a loyal following of individual landlords and managers of apartment communities and management companies. Advertising with The NJ Apartment MLS reaches beyond typical website banner ads - opportunities also exist for email blasts, featured listings, as well as event and training sponsorships. Or, pitch us your own custom idea and we can work with you to grow your business and generate opportunities.
    To see for yourself what members and visitors are saying, read below

    Vendor & Advertiser Testimonials:

    "Working with Garden State Apartments as a Platinum Vendor Member has been a phenomenal experience for Bollinger. Sunny and his team have provided Bollinger with prominent exposure on the GSA website and the results we have generated as a result of our partnership has really helped us to access otherwise hard-to-reach property owners, vendors, and managers, and to grow our business."  -S. Reisler Bollinger Insurance

    "Garden State Apartments has helped increase our exposure Online. As a Platinum Vendor Member, they've also highlighted our firms' expertise to our target market: property owners and managers in New Jersey. Marketing with Garden State Apartments gives us great opportunities to strengthen our brand in a highly cost effective manner. We feel that they really go out of their way to make sure we are visible in their campaigns, and bring us creative marketing ideas. Their business concept is changing the industry and we are happy to be a part of that model." - B. Gudin, Esq. Levy Ehrlich & Petriello  Read More...

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